Ten Blocks on the Camino Real

Touring from marketplaces in Ghana to America, Kilroy maintains his innocence in a grasping world. The text by Tennessee Williams performed by Abibigroma.


Opened May 5, 2016 @ The market square of La, Accra.
Toured to other locations in Ghana.

September 2017 toured America with outdoor performances in
St. Louis, Ann Arbor, Washington DC, at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival and in Worcester, Mass.

Ten Blocks on the Camino Real
was written by Tennessee Williams in 1947 with songs, dialogue, and dance to tell its story of how a boxer loses his “heart as big as the head of a baby.”  Beginning May 5, 2016, Abibigroma,  the National Theater of Ghana, staged the text by Tennessee Williams outdoors in public spaces.

Performances in Ghana retain the words of Williams’ text in English, yet are specific to Ghanian culture. The “player of the blue guitar” Williams describes is a drummer of blue drums.

Abibigromma, the National Theatre Company of Ghana, was established in 1983 at the University of Ghana, Legon. In 1991, the company became the resident troupe of the National Theatre. The focus of Abibigromma is to develop a rich blend of music, dance, mime, movement and dialogue with a strong social, spiritual and folkloric base.

The 2016 production of Ten Blocks is based on Kaplan’s 2012 production performed outdoors in Paysandu, Uruguay.  In Ghana, the role of Mr. Gutman, the feral hotel owner, was played by the American actor Greg McGoon, who created the teaser video. For the 2017 tour, Mawuli Semevo played Gutman.
As in Ghana, performances in America were outdoors, free to passersby.